About James

Who is James? 
James Duckett was born. Later, he opened a blog. Sometime after that, you came here to find out about it. Isn't it awesome when the universe falls into such perfect alignment?
James loves to write, but he doesn't like to brag. Just kidding, he totally loves to brag. And refer to himself in the third person. Because both those things are cool. Right?
James Duckett is a founder and Chief Technology Officer of the Authors' Think Tank Facebook Group and Podcast. He wrote his first story in the 2nd grade and has been excited about writing ever since. He wrote his first book when he was 14, but one of his friends did the world a favor and accidentally threw it away.
“Pushing the Wall: A Memoir” is his first book coming out on February 25th, 2015. A contemporary romance (yeah, you read that right) novella will appear in an anthology on March 31st, 2015. He's introverted, geeky, funny looking, unpredictable, and easily distracted by the latest gadgets.
What is this blog about?
An easier question is "What isn't this blog about?" In other words, James hasn't completely made up his mind on what to focus on. 
Sometimes, he just needs to get stuff off his chest. Other times, he likes to share his experience with the writing journey. He's got a series on writing advice that he'll add to on occasion. There is also the regular author Interview, especially when interviewees are just releasing new books. 
James loves to inspire, so many posts deal with motivation to write and live life to the fullest. If he settled on any single topic, the latter would most likely be it.
What is the Authors' Think Tank?
The Authors' Think Tank is a group that was started by the talented Jennifer Bennett. After attending a writing conference, she came home saddened that the experience had ended, so she created a Facebook Group, blog, and podcast to benefit the writing community.
It's pretty cool! I was fortunate enough to be asked by Jennifer to help out, and it has proven to be an awarding experience.
The Facebook Group is a great place to ask writing-related questions and get fast feedback. The members who actively provide feedback range from new writers to New York Times Bestselling Authors. There are also editors and agents there as well. This IS NOT a place to advertise your book or find an agent, it is only there to provide help in writing your book.
The blog features regular posts regarding writing. Most of the articles posted are linked in the Facebook Group, but if you are looking to improve your writing prowess, this is a great site to follow.
Lastly, there is the podcast, where I was honored with being a host. Nearly every show featured a guest who wanted to share an aspect of their writing experience. These guests range from nearly published to, again, New York Times Bestselling Authors. Like the blog, it is a great (if I do say so myself) podcast to follow to improve your writing. 
As a note, the podcast is on temporary hiatus since all of the hosts are extremely busy with their careers. One day, it will return, just nobody knows when it will be.

Blog schmog! Does he use social media?

Of course! 
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