Writing Lessons

I'm working up enough of a collection to justify a directory. Please comment if there is a lesson you would like to see:

Apostrophes and Possessive Pronouns
Is LOL a word?
Altogether vs All Together
Sometime vs Some time
Nevermind vs Never Mind
Everyday vs Every Day
Alright vs All Right
Alot is NOT a Word, a Lot is Two Words
How to Properly Use a Semicolon
Using i.e. and e.g. Correctly
Hit the Space Bar ONCE
A lot of Meaning Between One or Two Words
Don't Trust Your Spell Checker


  1. Your and you're are NOT the same word!

  2. Yeah, that is one that kills me. I should do that next. That, and They're, their, and there.

  3. Okay, I touched on that in the latest lesson, Jen. http://www.jamesduckett.com/2011/12/apostrophes-and-possessive-pronouns.html