Friday, September 16, 2011

Weight-Loss Wednesday Week IX: Establish a Healthy Lifestyle

Here we are, week nine of our ten week wellness program. How are things going for you or your team? This event has been phenomenal as the City has lost 318.3 pounds as of last week. Keep up the great work, everybody!!

Next week is the final weigh-in. Please get your final results to me on Wednesday in preparation for our last drawing. Remember: if you are behind on your goal don’t turn to a drastic diet to “catch up.” As I’ve said in previous emails, extreme dieting only leads to getting those lost pounds back…and then some.

If you want to be healthy, you need to establish a healthy lifestyle. The habits we’ve focused on in this and previous wellness activities (such as sleeping more, eating well, making goals, exercising, and tracking progress) are all supposed to become lifetime habits and not something you do for a couple of months.

The benefits of a healthy lifestyle are not just about losing weight. It also helps you feel better, have more energy, and enjoy life to its fullest. A healthy lifestyle is more than making it to the end of the wellness program; it is about making healthy habits to last a lifetime.

I hope everybody reflects and can find at least one habit they have developed in the last nine weeks and sticks with it when this program is over. Your body will thank you!


  1. Wow. And isn't this St. George? That's awesome. I wonder if Orem's wellness folks would consider an overall combined goal to lose weight rather than pitting individuals against each other. Hmmm ... especially if the money that would have gone to individual prizes went to a good cause.

  2. In 10 weeks I've lost 74 lbs! Add them!!!!!