Monday, February 20, 2012

Showing my love for LDS Story Makers

Last year I attended my first writing conference. I'll admit, the only reason I wanted to go was to meet Brandon Sanderson. Two ironies happened: 1) Brandon never showed up and 2) I love, love, LOVED the event nonetheless.

Since then, I've attended LTUE, as I blogged about last week. I loved that as well. But my love affair with writing conferences all started with LDS Story Makers. And as much as I loved LTUE, I must admit that I loved Story Makers more. Yes, I say that unabashedly and you can quote me on that! I am sooooo looking forward to next year and I think I'll get even more out of it this time around now that I know what to expect, whether Brandon Sanderson shows up or not.

LDS Story Makers is having a contest. The winner gets to sit at the VIP table with Kevin J. Anderson, the keynote and one of my favorite authors. It would be a dream come true to win this! One of the ways to enter is to write this blog post and to refer you to the contest:

The LDS Story Makers Show Your Love Contest

Okay, and done. No, I'm not just saying this to win some silly contest. I really do love LDS Story Makers. I think it will be one of the highlights of 2012!

When tickets went on sale, I awoke early to make sure I got a ticket before they sold out. Silly me, they still haven't (but they are getting close). But there was no way I would leave that up to chance. If we get numbers like in a race, my race number would probably be a single digit.

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  1. I heart Storymakers as well.
    I set my alarm to wake me up early on registration day and then my power went out ALL morning. I couldn't register until late afternoon. I would probably be in the late double digits.