Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Faces of James Duckett: Round One

Okay, I need your help. And, I'm sorry, but this post is all about my face so you might want to ask small children to leave the room.

I've been giving some thought to an author's photo. The photo I use now is fairly out of date and it is time I take something more recent. I wanted to pose in front of some of my book collection (though, honestly, 95% of what I read is on my Kindle now). Can you tell me if you like any of these, and why. None of the above is a valid option. Or a combination of them. Any feedback will be taken into consideration.

If you have one you like, what do you like about it? If you don't like the books, do you have a suggestion on what kind of backdrop I should use? These are just some quick n' dirty ones, trying to find out how I want to be pictured. Smiling? Big smile? Little smile?

And most of these are just trying to find the right pose. I realize the books, and even my face, is a little out of focus. Once I find something I'm happy with I'll increase the focal length.

Here are the pictures:

a) I started off showing some teeth

b) A little more serious

c) Tried looking like I was in a contemplation

d) Looking off into the distance with some teeth

e) I'm listening to something very enlightening

f) Looking into the distance, less teeth

g) The thinker, and the smiler

h) More thinking and smiling. I was trying to show a little bit of my watch. If I redid this, I'd lower my sleeve a bit.

i) Looking off in the distance but the other way.

j) The thinker, no smiling
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!