Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Robison Wells Book Bomb

A few days ago Larry Correia announced here:

Larry's Blog Post

that he was going to do a Book Bomb for Robison Wells' book Variant. The idea being that if enough people purchase this book on November 10th it will elevate the book higher in the Amazon rankings and open the possibility of more book sales due to increased exposure.

So if Larry is doing it, you must be wondering why I am as well. After all, Larry is an established author with krundles more credibility and followers. But my reasoning is three-fold:

1) As somebody who hopes to some day be elevated to the rank of Published Author (not if I keep splitting infinitives like that, right?), I consider those who are already there brothers and sisters I care for. If you follow my twitter feed I do a lot of promoting their friends because, quite frankly, I have nothing of mine to promote as of yet. But I love promoting others and I saw this a perfect opportunity to do so again.

2) I have a lot of respect for Robison Wells. No, I have NOT read Variant. It is on my reading list, I promise, as I've heard NOTHING but good things about it. As he announced on his blog: "Publishers Weekly has named Variant as one of the Best Books of 2011!" A few times Rob appeared as a guest on my favorite Podcast, Writing Excuses, and they were some of my favorite episodes. He is very insightful on the writing process and this is just my way of giving back.

3) Academic interest! As of this writing, Variant is ranked #6,077 in books. I'll be getting this on Kindle, and it is ranked #9,181 on paid Kindle books. I would really love to see how successful a Book Bomb can be.

So, on November 10th make sure you pick up Robison's book. I will! The link is here:

Oh, and if you want to get to know Robison Wells more his blog is here:

Robison Wells' Blog

And, LDS Writer's Blogck also blogged on it. Check that out here, if you are interested.

Good luck, Rob!