Monday, July 29, 2013

Podcasts, Blogging, and Reinvention

I've mentioned this briefly before, but I haven't officially announced it.

I'm a podcaster!!

Every Monday, I kick out a new episode of the show and interview great guests about aspects of writing. It's been an incredible experience... I've befriended some incredible writers and learned a lot from the experience.

You can listen to our podcast at, and this morning I released the latest show.

It's about blogging.

I've thought about this show a lot since we recorded back in May. It was the show that inspired my post on social media. I had vowed to cut back on my social media networking and focus more on writing and blogging.

Notice the phrase "cut back". I didn't eliminate it completely, nor did I intend to, but I am spending less time there. And writing-wise, put a big check mark there!! I'd say my writing productivity has increased significantly. I still have more cutting back to do and hope to see more words appear in my word processor.

But my blogging activities haven't increased. I would  like to start blogging more, and I think it is time for a reinvention. I'll post on this again soon as I revise my focus and commit myself to a schedule.

So, stay tuned. I hope that you'll find this a more interesting place to hang out!

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