Sunday, July 14, 2013

What I've Done This Summer

This blog post makes me think of those "what I did this summer" reports we always had to write in school. Most of mine lacked a lot of details because the statute of limitations hadn't passed yet. But, here goes...

I did some traveling this weekend. I think that was "vacation" #5. Vacation is put in quotes because most vacations are just me being a chauffeur for somebody else and, if I'm lucky, I might be able to put in some reading or catch a movie.

I'm rarely lucky.

This weekend, I got to drive up to Orem and attend a writing convention (yay!), then I recorded a podcast (yay!), and then went to my high school reunion to catch up with old friends (yay!). Then, I drove home (boo!). I just really needed to be back home for a number of things on Sunday.

Despite being up for about 24 hours there and spending a third of that time behind the wheel of a car, I quite enjoyed myself. It is nice to socialize with others, learn, and catch up with old friends. And I didn't have to drive anybody around except myself. I was the master of my happiness.

Just sayin'... sometimes I think it is important to do something for yourself. Most vacations are me trying to spend time with the family, which is important. You can't put a price on pleasant memories, and I wouldn't trade any of my "vacations" for anything else.

I just need occasional me time, and I think most people do. If you feel yourself burning out, you might not need a vacation, you might just need to get away from it all for a few hours or a day or two and pamper yourself. It is an excellent opportunity to recharge your batteries for all the other things you have in life.

How about everybody else? What are you guys doing? And how do you hide and recover from the stresses in your life?

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