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Author Interview with Bonnie Gwyn

Book Synopsis

Christina has grown up literally ‘sheltered’ in a sanctuary run by mysterious Officials who offer safety in exchange for captivity. She’s already suspicious of the Officials when she meets Tyler Andrus, commander of the T-Squad: a group of rebels on a quest to destroy the sanctuaries and bring light back into the world.

Having yearned for freedom all her life, she joins them in a journey of hope, terror, and self-discovery.

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Author Bio

Bonnie Gwyn wrote her first book, about a talking grandfather clock, when she was six – and hasn't stopped writing since. In fact, she can’t “not write,” and she wouldn’t have it any other way. She hasn’t missed a day of writing in her journal for the past four years!

As a winner in this year’s National Novel Writing Month challenge, Bonnie produced her latest dystopian novel, Escaping Safety, and is now working on its sequel. She is also close to completing a fantasy romance series, The Legends of Elldamorae, whose characters have captured her heart and can’t wait to have their stories revealed.

Bonnie’s mantra is, “I write because I believe every story deserves to be told.”

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Author Interview

James Duckett: I've got one... two... three... three and a half.... thirteen question for you!

Bonnie Gwyn: Oh my! Okay. :)

James: 1) Does it bother you that I now hold your destiny in my hands?

Bonnie: Not in the slightest! After all, you're a superhero. (...Sorry for revealing that publicly. Hehe)

James: It's okay, I have full editing capabilities. Sure, it's your interview, but it's my blog. 2) Did I read this right. Did you just write this during the last NaNoWriMo?

Bonnie: Yes. :) Which is why I fully admit to insanity.

James: That's amazing. Okay, 3) What inspired you to write this story?

Bonnie: It started off as a really tiny idea - two nights before NaNo. :) I was thinking about what it would be like if people lived in different kinds of bubbles. I kept thinking on it, and I was scared to death - because I didn't have any plans and it was entirely out of my usual genre - but I just went with it. It honestly just grew a mind of its own.

James: 2 days of prep before NaNo? Amazing, and completely explains the insanity. 4) Dogs or cats?

Bonnie: Cats!

James: Wrong! You lose a point.

Bonnie: They're evil. I like them. ;) Hehe

James: 5) Do you have a particular writing ritual or any interesting habits while writing?

Bonnie: Not sure about rituals. :) I do tend to plug in one CD or playlist and stick with it through the entire thing. Kind of sets the pace. But mostly, it's all about identifying with the characters and finding a message to portray. :) And making sure my work station (aka bed) is as messy as possible. Kidding ... kidding ... but it always seems to turn out that way!

James: Ahhh... I was impressed with your messy bedesk scenario. Expectations shattered!

Bonnie: Oh, but of course there's sprinting! :)

James: Oh, then side question. Do you sprint with iWritenetwork or another group of sprinters?

Bonnie: I used to do it with them. :) I got started with that group and then started sprinting with different buddies. I do want to go back, though! My favorite place to sprint is on Virtual Write-In.

James: Question F) This seems written like it is an intended series. Do you have a certain number of books in mind for this series?

Bonnie: It's a trilogy. :)

James: VII) Do you outline or do you write by the seat of your pants?

Bonnie: I outline a few scenes ahead, but rarely more than that. :) I keep a list of future scenes at the bottom of the file in bold, so I just move from one to the next.

James: 1000) During the zombie apocalypse, what is your weapon of choice?

Bonnie: Sword!

James: Ah, the sword. I'll give you back the point I took for the feline answer above.

Bonnie: Oh the relief!

James: NEUN) I just have to ask: Do you remember anything the talking grandfather clock said?

Bonnie: Honestly... nope! But if I really look, I think I could find the book. :) I may have a picture of him on my computer. Do you want it for the interview?

James: HECK YEAH!! That would rock! 


James: Does that say Winkler? As in my hero, Henry Winkler?

Bonnie: Not on purpose, but yes, his name is Winkler! :)

James: Okay, I'll give you a lot of points for that one. Bravo! And a cookie, next time I see you. Which is rarely, so I get a LOOONG time to figure out how to cook a cookie.

Bonnie: Hehe. Oh dear. Hopefully you won't have to replace your stove! ;)

James: 10) If Escaping Safety gets turned into a movie, do you have any actors or actresses in mind to play Christina and Wolf?

Bonnie: I honestly have a very hard time deciding on what exactly my characters look like. I think Errol Flynn reminds me a little of Wolf. ;)

James: Amazing, I envisioned him as Wolf, too. That's awesome! Like the Robin Hood Errol Flynn.

Bonnie: Christina reminds me of the girl in Phantom of the Opera, Emmy Rossum... and she happens to play a Christine. How weird.

James: Haha! I had nothing on Christine, but that is pretty funny. Carrie-Anne Moss came to mind for Lexi. Eleven) Coke or Pepsi?

Bonnie: Neither. I don't do caffeine. :)

James: No caffeine? Okay, I guess we can skip the red wine/white wine questions...

Bonnie: You should have known to skip that already. ;)

James: Okay, then... A&W or Barq's? (Tip, Barq's is the incorrect answer)

Bonnie: It's obviously A&W! ;)

James: Ding, ding,ding!! 12) What's next? A sequel? A new book?

Bonnie: Working on the sequel. :) Not as far in as I'd like to be, but pressing forward just the same. :)

James: So this one might take a little more than 30 days?

Bonnie: Sadly, but I want to write the third for the next NaNo if possible. :) My goal is both books written this year!

James: And question #13... Boxers or Briefs?

Bonnie: Uh, boxers. Not that this applies to me at all!

James: Okay, I'm adding up all the points and you come out to a.... hold on... carry the 3... subtract the giraffe points... multiply by Thursday. Okay, you got 1,337 points! I'm not sure what you win, or if this is even any good, because you're the first interview I've scored. I didn't get you crying, unfortuantely, so I should actually take away points. Too late now, I guess.


James: Crying dog... hmmmmm... I'd give you a ton of points, but you're a cat person, so... we'll keep you at 1,337 points.

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