Friday, February 28, 2014

Feel Good Friday: February 28, 2014

Last week, I wrote how I cut back on news about a year ago in a quest to improve the happiness and peace in my life. I really enjoyed the comments and interaction that came from that, with most people saying they've done the same thing with similar results.

However, some disagreed. One of them stated that I now filtered the world through rose-colored glasses, which was "an equal crime." I don't want to argue, because I do understand his point, but I did want to explain myself.

When I said I cut back on the news, I didn't mean I cut it all out. I don't want to be ignorant of reality or of candidates when voting season comes around. Last November, I spent a great deal of time studying the candidates and their platforms for the election, and I walked in to the voting booth confident and informed. I didn't pick my vote based on who had the largest or prettiest sign, because ignorant voters do infuriate me.

I also recognize that bad things happen in the world. I've studied and have a fascination with history. I still tune in to the headlines to keep informed of current issues. I can still hold my own and defend my political point of views when these topic comes up.

I'm not suggesting that one should embrace ignorance to find happiness. I'm suggesting that the current format of news is negative and doesn't inspire the best of humanity. Instead, it focuses on stories that inspire fear, distrust, and the crisis of the moment. Cutting back on this has made me a happier person, and hopefully a better person too.

That said, here's another video I found that lifted my spirits, ironically from the news! It's a reminder how sharing oneself with others, even if for a few minutes, can make a huge difference to that one person.

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