Saturday, July 9, 2011

50 Follower Contest

I reached 50 users. YAY!!! And, as promised, I'm throwing a little contest.

I'm giving away two prizes to help promote this blog so I can get closer to the 100 follower mark and hold another, bigger contest. The first prize I'm giving is a $20 gift certificate to, my online store of choice, and I'm also giving away a $5 gift card to Cold Stone Creamery.

Entering is easy. Just follow this blog and tell everybody how wonderful I am! I'll go with the point system.

1) Mention this blog and contest on Twitter with the following: "Follow James Duckett's writing blog and you could win a gift card." That is worth one drawing per tweet.

2) Throw it on Facebook. I think that is worth two drawings. But because I may not be Facebook friends with you you may need to leave a comment. I'm trusting everybody will be honest.

3) Mention it on your blog. Again, comment below so I don't miss it and so I can follow your blog if I'm not doing so already. I'll give five points for that!

Each point represents an entry into the drawing. I'll first draw for the Amazon gift card and then for the Cold Stone gift certificate. If you win, I'll stalk you until I find out how to get it to you.

I'll let this run through the weekend and tally everything up Tuesday night (July 12th) around 9pm and hold the random drawing. The winner will be announced on this blog Tuesday night.


  1. you're easy to follow, at least!

    tweeted: +1
    followed: +1
    facebooked: +2

    total: +4!

  2. I'm already a follower. I sent you a friend request on facebook. I'll be blogging Monday morning. I'll mention your contest then on
    Thanks for the fun contest.

  3. I'm a new follower. I tweeted and FB'd. =)

  4. Yay! It looks like the contest is working!

    I was following before there was a blog ;)
    AND Google+'d (want in? I think it's open to everyone with a gmail account)

    I'll do it all again in a couple of days (just letting you know, not begging for extra points ;)

    I don't know if I can blog about it because it's blogfest week (I'll see if I can sneak it in) but be sure to mention the contest on your poem post. Then a lot of people will hear about it. YAY!

  5. Hey there! I did everything! Twitter, FB and mentioned you on my blog! I think that's 8 points. right?

    Good luck, friend!

  6. Ok- I follow, FB'd, and Tweeted twice. Good luck on getting to 100! :D

  7. I can't believe I wasn't already a follower. But I am now. Good luck with getting 100 followers!

  8. HOLY COW!!! I have such amazing friends and followers. I am blown away by everybody's generosity; thank you all so much! I'm probably going to need to start planning the 100 follower contest soon.

  9. Good luck with gathering 100 followers. I'm following now! :D

  10. Here goes...
    1. I tweeted about it and am now following you on twitter. +1

    2.I posted on FB and friended you. +2

    3. I did a blog post on your contest and about you. +5

    Go check it out and would you please follow my blog? Thanks & good luck!

  11. Hey! Tweeted
    FB'd and followed.

    Thanks for the contest and congrats on hitting 50+ followers.

  12. Congrats on hitting your first follower mark. It looks like you're quickly on your way to 100. I'm already a follower and will continue to cheer you on!!!

  13. Its Natalie @xzchick
    I quoted you on facebook
    Retweeted you on twitter
    Mentioned on my blog on LJ which isn't so popular anymore. :(
    And spammed it to my blackberry messager contacts.
    The end -

  14. Yep, 100 followers before you know it! Go James, Jim, JJ, Jimbo!