Saturday, July 16, 2011

Poetry Schmoetry Blogfest & Janitors by Tyler Whitesides

Here is my entry for the Poetry Schmoetry Blogfest that is being ran by Shelly Brown, the winner of my 50 follower contest. Poetry isn't my common M.O., but I promised I would participate. She recently did a review on Tyler Whitesides, who is coming out with a book called Janitors Since I finished reading and enjoying it just the other day I figured I would base my poem as a review of his book.

So here it is!

Why You Should Read Tyler Whiteside’s Janitors

By James Duckett

I just read a fantastic book,
I’ll try not to give much away;
I’ll review it in a poem
Instead of a boring ol’ essay.

The book is named Janitors
It is written by Tyler Whitesides,
Here is a glimpse of the fun and excitement
That this entertaining book provides.

It has magical brooms,
It has magical mops,
It has a substitute teacher,
And a scene with some cops.

It has government officials,
From the mysterious B.E.M.,
Who recruits Spencer Zumbro
To fight warlocks who are against them.

With the aid of a cleaning glove
A girl named Daisy Gates,
And a flashlight to find an item
That leads him to dire straits.

There are mean little creatures
Hiding everywhere in schools,
They attack students who are smart
And turn them into fools.

There is a cabbage smelling teacher
That does little to help out,
There is a bully that causes trouble
In this book he is there throughout.

You’ll read as Spencer and Daisy
Do all everything they can,
To save the day and by the end
No doubt you’ll be a fan.

Because there is a lesson in here
A lesson that is true,
That honesty is the best policy –
Be truthful to those around you.

Tell the truth in all circumstances
Don’t ever turn to lies,
Good things never happen
To those who compromise.

So pick up this book
Sit back, and enjoy the ride,
Without a doubt you’ll be hooked
To the story that is inside.


  1. I refused to read past the third stanza. Just like I cover my eyes during previews of movies that I already KNOW I want to see.
    BUT, big thanks for participating
    even if the 'fest host refuses to read your poem. (She's such a meanie!)

  2. I honestly tried my best to not blow anything.

  3. Hey! Just found your blog.

    Love the poetry. :)

    I'm doing the same thing at the blog that I just started (

    Documenting the journey of writer to author.

    Good luck to you!