Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I is for Inspiration and Ideas

Everybody gets inspired in different ways. I've got a few ways to get the creative juices flowing myself, and they mostly involve getting physical and staying away from the television.

But everybody is different. Everybody must find what motivates and inspires them to write. For me, I love to run long distances. After the first mile my body gets into a rhythm, and this rhythm helps me to concentrate on other things. If I'm not running to music, my brain will often dwindle on writing. Before I know it I've put in a few miles and I've got an idea on what to write next. Plus, running wakes me up like a can of Red Bull, so my writing takes on a fresh, new pair of wings.
I can usually find patterns in other ways too. Biking and swimming are other two ways. For lunch today I went for a walk, and an idea struck me on something to include in my outline to give my ending a little extra punch. Here is an odd one: house and yard work can trigger it if I'm left alone and not interrupted by others. When the family leaves home for a while, I often find myself getting to work just to find that idea-creating rhythm.

Again, everybody is different. What works for you? Think about ideas you've come up with in the past. What were you doing? Is there a pattern you've recognized? Are half the people reading this going to be taking a few more showers? (I only mention that because a lot of ideas HAVE come to me in the shower or while flossing) Find out what works for you, and when you need inspiration, do it!


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  2. I had to delete my first comment because I had a grammatical error in it and I couldn't fix it. Anyway, I loved this post. It inspires me to get back to at least some form of it. Thanks.

  3. Sorry, I had to remove my comment because I had a grammatical error in it. Blush. I enjoyed this post. It is inspiring me to get back to some of my old lady exercises. Running would send me into cardiac arrest! Thanks, James.