Sunday, April 29, 2012

T is for Twitter

Today, for the A to Z Challenge, I'm going to talk about Twitter.

I was talking to somebody about social media when I pointed out that I am more active on Twitter than I am on Facebook. They were quite surprised to hear that.

Now, don't get me wrong, I enjoy Facebook. I like being able to keep up with family and friends on there.  But there are a few things I enjoy about Twitter over Facebook.

I do like the 140 character limit. The brevity makes visiting my friends on Twitter a lot faster. I find I can go through several posts in the time I often spend on one in Facebook. But I find it also makes me a better writer. I have a terrible habit of writing too much. Most of my writings (stories, emails, blogs, tweets, and more) usually need to be whittled down immensely before being sent or shared. In the spirit of "less is more", I find the less I write the better my writing turns out to be.

I also love Twitter because of its timeliness as well. Today visiting Twitter is often like checking the newspaper a few decades ago. But the news is so much more instant. I often get find out about new around the world on Twitter long before it makes the news sites.

As a writer, I think you are really missing out if you are not active on Twitter. Even if you don't read what is happening on Twitter, it is a great way to get news of what you are doing to your readers and potential readers. In fact, when it comes to writing, I rarely share anything on Facebook. I send it all out on Twitter, thus the reason I said I am more active on Twitter.

If you don't follow me on Twitter, I invite you to join me at @jimduckett.

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