Tuesday, April 17, 2012

O is for Overcoming Obstacles

We all have them: obstacles!

As for our personal obstacles, I find it inspiring to look at what others had to overcome to reach their goals in life. When we find success in others, it can often motivate us to find success in ourself. Here are a couple of favorite videos in that regard.

Meet Nick Vujicic. He was born with no arms or legs and, while he has struggled to find a place in life, has come to find the happiness that he seeks. Best of all, he shares it with others:

And have you seen the Susan Boyle video? If not, check it out. Here is a similar -- and in my opinion better -- video from Koreas Got Talent. Try not to concentrate too much on the exemplary performance but on his story.

And finally, here are some people who have failed. You might have heard of some of them. ;)

We all have obstacles to our goals in life, just make sure you don't let excuses get in your way. The ones who succeed are those who face their obstacles and never give up. Like Henry Ford once said, "Whether you think you can or can't, you're right!"

If you are looking for another example, check out one of my favorite movies, Rudy, which is based on the true story of a young man with a dream but no way to get there. He decides he is going to find a way despite all obstacles. And there are a lot of obstacles in the way.

From a writing point of view, there is a quote out there that I wish I could attribute to somebody. But it goes: There is a word for a writer who doesn't give up... published.


  1. Great examples James. This is an excellent post.

  2. While I like the Susan Boyle vid, I loved Paul Potts from teh year before. He was amazing.

  3. Hello, James! I'm pretty sure J.A. Konrath said that quote. I've included it in one of my quote days posts (can't remember when; there's about two years worth!). This is such a motivational post. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you all the best on your writing journey! :)

    Have a great week and happy A to Z!!

  4. Yes, very good examples! it does help to put things into perspective!