Friday, April 17, 2015

2015 A to Z Challenge: O for Obama, etc.

For this year's A to Z challenge, I thought I'd have a little fun. So the theme this year is laughter. My friend, Serene Heiner, started a trend by manipulating my cover from Pushing the Wall and making it appear that I'm calmly running away from things. It's taken on a life of its own and I've got enough for each letter, with some left over.

I'll also add other things that make me laugh starting with each letter.

Letter O is for President Obama. Just a reminder first that the theme here is supposed to be good humored. Whichever side of the isle you sit on, please be mindful of that spirit. I want to laugh, not debate. Sooo.... the Prez...

Other things that start with O that make me laugh:

The letter O is for Opinions and how this goes well with what I said two paragraphs ago.

The letter O is for OCDs. (Sorry for doing this to you...

The letter O is for Octopus' eight legs. Unrelated note: Have you ever seen an Octopus? I think they are the coolest looking creatures in the sea.

The letter O is for Outstanding. I know, this is horrible, but I didn't have that many pictures to go with the letter O and decided to PUNish you with this anyway.

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