Monday, June 13, 2011

Coming Soon as a Blog Post Near You!!

I hope this is a rare occasion, but today I'm going to blog on what I'm going to blog on soon. I really don't want this to become a common occurrence, I would rather be doing something opposed to talking/typing about it.

Here is the thing, a week has gone by since my last blog post and I don't want that to happen. Ever. Again. So at least I'm writing something. But, fear not, there is something in it for you. You don't have to take that Valium or sleeping pill of choice tonight to get to sleep. This is not really that exciting, luckily I have nice, patient, understanding, and fantastic blog followers.

So this week expect at least two posts. The first will be on my good friend, the semi-colon. I LOVE the semi-colon but only when it is used properly and sparingly. I recently read something, a work of fiction, that was riddled with it. I just couldn't take it anymore!! So I thought I'd make that my weekly lesson. To be fair, the same proper and sparing rule should apply to exclamation points but I just can't hold myself back. Everything I say is exciting and exacerbating, isn't it?!?!!!!?!

But this weekend I've given a lot of thought to conflict in a story, so I'm going to mindlessly go off on it. Hopefully I can (unintentionally I'm sure) add something that you can benefit from reading.

I might even sneak in a mystery post just to keep things interesting. *evil grin*

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  1. Semi colons, exclamation marks, conflict - oh my! Sounds wonderfully helpful! Once upon a time, I sprinkled a lot of ;'s and !'s in my manuscript, but now I reserve them for a few rare splendid moments!
    And I LOVE mystery!- can't wait for your mystery post. I think . . . uh, wait a minute . . . you had an evil grin when you said it!