Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nearly 50 Followers!

I'm getting close to the 50 follower mark. Rock on!! Look, everybody is getting excited!

I'm so close, in fact, I think I can safely announce my intentions of having a little contest when I get to 50. What are the contests you like to see on blogs? Guess a fact about me and win something? A little poetry contest? What tickles your fancy?

And what is a suitable prize for 50 followers? A book? A gift certificate at Amazon? (That's a personal favorite) Free piggy-back rides?

I'd love your feedback!


  1. I'm going for the piggy back rides. I get to choose who rides, and film it. I have a rather large friend...

  2. That's so exciting, James.

    Matt is vicious. But I so want to be there.

    Personally I'm not into poetry unless it's limericks. =D