Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Entered a Poetry Contest

Acknowledging that poetry is not my genre (or my thing or my M.O.), I entered a poetry contest anyways. Just remember that you only get one vote, and I can't tell you which poem is mine so there are no hints for favoritism.

Check out the entries and place your vote here:

Karen Hoover's Poetry Challenge

Plus, the music that was the prompt behind the poems automatically plays. So, hey! Free music!

On a side note, I hope to participate more in the future especially during the weeks of the flash fiction. But I have to wait until next week before I can throw my hat in the ring since they alternate every week.

If you are interested in joining, follow Karen Hoover's blog:

Karen Hoover's Blog

Off-topic: I'm heading for Northern Utah next week to take a much-needed vacation. My hope is for a lot of time to relax, read, and write. Chances are it will be me battling two teenagers and acting as a taxi driver the entire time. My blog posting may be anywhere from sporadic to non-existent.


  1. So, I totally voted.
    Does this mean that your are going to enter my poetry blogfest, now that you're a poet and all. ;)

  2. I already promised I would. Got a topic to inspire me?

  3. James, I think you'd better check my blog to see what I said about you and collect something ...