Thursday, June 2, 2011

You Better Watch Your Back!

I really don't want this blog to turn into the chronicles of my stupid mistakes, so I hesitate sharing this but I guess I'll do it to put things into a little perspective.

A couple of years ago I was dead-lifting a 200 pound generator. Long story short, that turned out to be a not-brilliant ideas that landed me in the emergency room and left me unable to stand for two days. I thought for sure I was crippled for life! But with a few weeks of rest and numerous trips to a physical therapist it was something I thought I could put behind me (har har, see what I did there?).

Until Monday. My parents were coming into town and we were going to go golfing. While doing my morning stretches I must have pushed myself too hard while reaching for my toes when, pop!, my back went out again. I hit the ground, (literally) crawled into bed, and stayed there for two days.

It still hurts but I think I'll be back into the swing of things again sometime next week. I'm kicking myself for not spending all that time in bed writing. Or at least doing a lot more plotting or even reading books on writing better. I did spend a little time trying to think some things through but I really wanted to spend a major part of my day getting more of my thoughts on paper and it was just something I couldn't do while laying on my back and crying out in pain any time I shifted in bed.

So I'm still getting my plot onto paper and there are still a lot of loose ends I need to clear up before I start. Which is killing me because I really, REALLY want to start writing this story. But I've always been taught that you are making a promise to the reader on those first few pages and I want to make sure I am making the right promises when I do.

Oh, who am I kidding? The first chapter will be the one revised a hundred times more than any other chapter. I just know it.

I'm up to 28 followers! I see others having contests and I think I'd like to hold one sometime. Maybe when I get to 100 followers.

Some more inspirational finds in my blog reading adventures:

1) Joshua J. Perkey attended CONduit and did a nice blog on character. It is funny because I've been contemplating this the last week, in fact it was one of the things I had figured out while feeling sorry for myself from the excitement above. In ALL of the stories that I love, it is the characters that I love and remember and rarely the plot. I **HAVE TO** remember that when I write. I need to write characters that I can fall in love with in hopes that my readers will do the same. If I don't care for them, if I don't feel sorry for pushing them in front of the bus, if I don't shed a tear when I kill one of them off then why should you? If that is the case, I have not done my job as an author.

2) Shelly Brown is a real treat and I suggest you follow her blog if you want to laugh every time she types something. She posted something recently on original ideas. I'd link the story but for some reason I can't seem to find it again. Blogger failure again? Anyways, she reminds me that there are no truly original ideas and that it is okay. You can "breath life into it" and still make them fresh without creating a carbon-copy of the idea. And she is absolutely right. I dare you to find a story that is nothing like what is written before. It just reminds me that I shouldn't sweat things too much because it sounded a little bit like something I saw on TV a while ago. Just as long as it is a little like it but I've disguised the idea with enough clothing, a "Weird Al" mustache, and a great toupee! Plus, refer to number 1. It is the character that people fall in love with the most, not so much the plot of the story. This has been extremely helpful in that I keep thinking of the beginning of my story sounds too much like something else. In retrospect, I think it only sounds a little like that something else. Hopefully, a little enough.

Also, Shelly shares these hilarious video clips. Ever been Rich Rolled? (Not Rick Rolled) If not, visit her blog. Your life will never be the same again. I apologize in advanced.

3) Canda Mortensen wrote an excellent blog on setting up a perfect action scene. Basically, start with a scene of wonder and then hammer them over the head with the action. She shared a brilliant example from the movie Avatar that I had never considered before. Since I do intend to have a lot of action in my book, this is a tip I will need to remember.

Okay, until next time. Sorry I almost went a week without blogging; I think that is too long. Again, I blame my spine.


  1. Thanks for linking to my blog, James! We'll have to continue this discussion of character and writing.

  2. What a fantastic post! I enjoyed reading about your experiences and your references to other blogs - so informative, helpful, and interesting!
    I'm so sorry I'm just now following you - when you became a follower on my blog, I thought I followed you right after! Good Grief - I must've lost my mind for a moment, how could that be?! Wait a minute - that's a common occurrence with me, so why am I surprised?! :D
    Start writing your story! - you sound like you have a wonderful grasp on writing stuff, and I can tell you would write a fantastic book, so - Get ready, get set, GO!

  3. Ouch. Dude, take care of yourself. If things go well, you'll need that back for a LONG time.

  4. Oh Jim, Jimbo, James!
    I totally "scheduled" that post to come out on the 9th when I will be out of town. Blogger (the silly thing that it is) POSTED it and post dated it June 9th. For schizzle! Funny, huh?

    I had to run to end of the year productions at the elementary school and then took it down when I got home. For anyone who wants to read it, it will be posted on the 9th (while I walk around the Kirtland Temple) and WILL be worth the wait! Trust me!

    Jim, thanks for the kind words. That's just about the nicest thing. I actually gave you a little shout-out in one of my scheduled post (10th) but it really doesn't compare to yours. Just know that you (and Donna) were there before I even read this.


  5. Any friend of Shelly's is a friend of mine :) I too enjoy her witty/quirky style...